Inspiring music!

Blog Post created by autumnpepper on Oct 11, 2018

I've been listening to spirit radio and klove for about 10yrs.  I turned it on one day and this is the song I heard.


Sometimes I think what would people say of me, when I'm only just a memory, when I'm home where my soul belongs. Was I love when no one else would show up? Was I Jesus to the least of us?  Was my worship more than just a song.  I want to live like that. To give it all I have. So that every thing I say and do points to you. In love is who I am and this is where I stand.  Desperately abandon never holding back.  I want to live like that.


Today I was listening as I do everyday.  But today it seemed like every song was speaking to me about my quit.  If I don't quit I may not be able to continue the work the song above inspired me to begin.

I have a nursing home ministry, I volunteer for an Alzheimer's respite, and I teach Sunday school for intellectually challenged adults.  

I want to succeed and whether I succeed now, or have to try again and again.  I will share my quit journey with others, in hopes it will help someone else. 

I've received so much help here from others. 

My quit date is October 18th.  Looking forward to it.