Day 9

Blog Post created by arobertson337 on Jan 25, 2018

I had my first smoking dream last night. I was driving to work and all of a sudden noticed I was smoking, half a cigarette gone, bad taste in my mouth, and I'm like, yuck! Get rid of it, get to work, and everyone is like, ew, who stinks? Who was smoking? And I'm just trying to shrink and not be noticed, so embarrassed. Thank goodness it was just a dream!


Today was a bit stressful, I felt like I was going non-stop. So when I finally was able to relax after dinner, I really felt the pull for a cigarette. But I just keep reminding myself how far I've come and why I'm doing this, to be healthier. And surgery is on Friday, and I really wouldn't want to complicate anything. Still have a lot of stuff to do before I leave work tomorrow, gonna be stressful again. But I will Just Keep Swimming! :-)