Day 8, Celebrate!

Blog Post created by arobertson337 on Jan 24, 2018

Feeling good, but still having memories of smoking. Not so much cravings. I'm not really wanting a cigarette, it just feels like, oh it's time for a cigarette. So it's just the habitual processes I'm working on. That's really when I take a deep breath and realize that I feel a lot better (aside from the weight gain). 


Nurse called for a pre-op checklist, told her I quit and of course she was very happy to hear. Went to my doctor for my pre-op and everything is a go. Feeling a little less nervous about the surgery now. Although, I think in general I'm feeling less nervous/anxious about everything. It's nice not having to plan my day around smoking or rush somewhere to get a smoke in or chain smoke before I do something. 


Another day of freedom! Oh, and here's what I bought to celebrate with some of my money saved from quitting!