Day 21 and Still Going Strong

Blog Post created by annejdav on Sep 11, 2019

So today is day 21.  I finally made a long overdue appointment with a dentist and I need to have major work.  They attribute it to smoking for 40 plus years.  At first when I was looking at the estimate of what it would cost after my dental insurance I started to get anxious thinking how was I going to be able to afford this?  Luckily it dawned on me the money I'm saving from not smoking will cover it!  Phew!


I think sometimes we lose sight of all the damage smoking causes.  There is no positive we can achieve from smoking.  I know through the years doctors have told me to stop smoking because of my COPD but the smoker brain I have says it won't be that bad for you - you'll get through this and you'll defy the odds.


Who knows what other residual health issues may arise from smoking but I have this.  One day at a time and NOPE!