I’m Finally Smoke Free!

Blog Post created by annams on Jun 19, 2018

I’m 73 days smoke free and I’m still having cravings. I’m finding it helpful to be able to post my feelings about it here.

 I’m retired and on disability. My children are grown and live far away with their own children and my oldest daughter has a granddaughter. My man still smokes and he’s adamant about not quitting but he’s been smoking outside away from me which is more help than I expected from him. My children are Very supportive from a distance. I live on top of a mountain and hardly ever leave. I work in my flower gardens,  weather and air quality permitting because I have to use my Imogene oxygen machine. I have COPD. I’m 63 years old this year and have slowed down considerably. 

I’m never going to smoke again. I’m never going to smoke again..... that’s my montra. I have begun to feel the difference and that is helping me stay strong and I’m hoping this blog will help me even more.