Never ever stop trying  

Blog Post created by angel51859 on May 18, 2019

Hi Friends!


Today is my 60th birthday! What a milestone! I urge any newbies or anyone who has slipped to get back in the saddle an try again ! Never give up trying! Every day is a new day and a chance to try again   I am approaching 9 years smoke free that's just beyond belief to me,! I was so hooked on cigarettes I would drive to a nearby state to buy them I mean I would buy 4 to 5 cartons because the price was cheaper . I realized my money was going up in smoke and I did not own the cigarettes they owned me! I am so grateful for this site because in the early days I really needed the support to know I was making one of the best decisions of my life,! I have never ever regretted stopping I have no desire whatsoever to even think about going back! And I am grateful for that! My mom used to say to me before she passed away so long ago please give it up ! My only regret is she did not live to see it! I am grateful to be approaching a new chapter of my life with smoke behind me! I am working on trying to get heathier it has been a difficult struggle with weigh gain but if I could give up a 3 pack a day habit-cold turkey! I can surely take the few decades getting as heathy as possible! Never stop trying!

With love always ,