My best gift

Blog Post created by angel51859 on Oct 8, 2018

Hi friends   ,

It's been a long time! Yes I am still smoke free! Have never gone back! Quitting smoking is one of my biggest accomplishments! I quit on 12/31/10 at the stroke of midnight literally! My first smoke free day was 1-1-11. 50 cigarettes a day, I used to smoke OMG! Eew lol the thought now makes me want to throw up! I used a very simple strategy 1 minute 1 hour 1 day at a time! And I also relied on all the beautiful people and friends on this site  ! I know if I could do it any one can! You just have to know that cigarettes don't own you! I am approaching 8 years soon! Wow how fast time passes. N. O.P E. Thar was my screen saver! It's a gift to yourself you will always cherish! My life is so busy I wish I had the time to stop by more often  

Thank you ex friends for being such a blessing to my life!

Love & blessings