Major Changes

Blog Post created by anewdigger on Aug 23, 2019

Ok - so I am quitting smoking in 7 days. (Regular smoker for 29 years).  I have been reading everything I can to educate myself.  My 14 year old was accepted into a program last week with no bus transportation.. My husband started a job yesterday after 10 years of not working and once again- it is my responsibility to transport. I'm just going to rant about my feelings here because I need to release them somehow or I'm probably going to keep having panic attacks like I did just now sitting in the parking lot of the hospital (my husband works there now). I have a huge fear of medical places and I have done my best to avoid them for the last 3 years and have avoided driving as well.   I'm thinking avoidance is definitely not the answer here lol. So anyways - so much change and don't get me wrong - these are all good changes - including my quit, it's just taking some time to get adjusted with my anxiety disorder.  And it's time for me to stop avoiding my feelings with this addiction.. See? -  I'm already starting to feel better -  I CAN and WILL do this.