I Am Just An American Greeting Card

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Apr 11, 2019

I am just going to do my thing and post memes" that speak volumes to me.  Perhaps some other folks it may help too...

I am on way to a quit today.   My only support at this time is here.  Of course we all feel scared"

2 months into my last quit, I wanted to check out!
It was all I thought about.  Finally my social worker therapist said just smoke! 
I took those words and ran... I I I made the choice!  To smoke!  I only blame me for my choice!  I love Mrs. H.
I called my doc and said add some welbutrin to my  cocktail of meds I take.
So regardless, the memes speak to me/for me as well as some people I leave some to on a regular basis here, @ times.
Do not knock it til you try it!
Day one meaning 1/2 day.  Today,  Ex org. will know.  I do not want to share it with the people that I love outside of the computer.  They won't believe me anyway.

I shall sure as ****!

Yes, could not be truer. 

It can, if your my age. So my journey begins...
Please help our animal.  Be a voice for them.

I will only keep loving supportive comments on my blog.