Not Today

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Apr 8, 2019

I failed myself.... I will stop failing and conquer the addiction.  Not today, but perhaps tomorrow.  <3

Also very disheartened by long time quitters behaving the very way they want others not to do.  (A serious paradox), that needs to be addressed, and perhaps those doing it need to be called out... Truth will set us all free they say.

Pay close attention to; Friendship, supportive, socializing, loving, accepting, tripping together.  This is a social smoking site the end!

We are here because we need each other in some way or we would not be here. 

 The Elders" are here for "purpose".   It  helps them, to give support or they would not. 
Enough already of trying to get something that you/we all do ourselves!  By rhetoric, topics. 4 people start same topic?

Just silliness at it best.

I failed!  Just so everyone is clear I failed.  I will conquer the addict in my brain.  It is not my soul speaking to me, to smoke.  On the contrary, it is my brain receptors talking!

It is within me to stop.