When does it end???

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Mar 26, 2019

My sis will be putting her son in his final resting place.

Skeletal, Jeff.... (this is Jeff 6 hours before his final breath).

Life is not suppose " to be this way.  

Putting our children in their final resting place is not how it works.  (Idealistic thought I know that)!!!

Where and when do the addictions stop!
I cannot stop remembering Jeff. The way he was. The way he looked, when he took is last breath.

Please dear God do not ever make me, have to live thru burying one of my children.   I could never bare it!

As I say a final good bye to my sweet nephew Jeff.

This funeral will be the worse thing I face.  I do not even know how to help his momma, my sis, get thru this. Other then holding her tight and letting healing tears pour from her face.