Surrounded by disdain it seems...

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Feb 11, 2019

Lots of turmoil it seems.   It seems some are not happy unless they hold a grudge, or have contempt for someone. Exhausting!  

Plagued by anxiety today. 
Not sure it is due to Dean going back to work, after a very long stay at home.  Or just feeling very isolated, by not having any of my own family around me.   I have lots of extended family.  They seem to do what ever the one person" wants, it seems.  She does a lot of amazing achievements, and goals.  She seems so "ugly in the inside", it's weird!!   It is exhausting, not measuring up. I have no control over the cold shoulders....for so many reasons. 

Oh well Happy Monday. 

I do.



The hardest challenge I have, is being married to a widower, with grown adult daughters... A daunting dynamic, of late.