Age 58 1/6/2019

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Jan 6, 2019

          "I don’t know if it’s just me, but every single time I officially turn a year older, I am filled with this conflicting
emotional cocktail of doom. I am joyful, incredibly depressed, utterly anxiety-ridden. I am a hyperactive sphere of energy, yet also a simmering pot of self-indulgence. Boo-hoo, I am getting older. My nine hundred  gray hairs are
immediately more pronounced, my metabolism hits an all-time low, I begin to count the things I have yet to accomplish or experience (I have never been to Beijing, for instance, nor have I scuba-dived with sharks) and I still foolishly expect the world to revolve around me just this one day because it’s my birthday. How maddening.
Is it just me? Someone out there please tell me it isn’t so!"

It is ok folks I'm detoxing off some of the worst chemicals, in the USA.  I'm not being self absorbed.  Just my natural state of "off the cuff humor" or  let's say being me!

I want to discuss all the things I am NOT grateful for!

Yes, Yes, Yes, I have so much to be grateful for.  

" It is my day, my blog,  and I only wanna know what NOT to be grateful for on 1/6/19

Yes I am!

Ditto!  ( I am)  But do not fear I am just F.I.N.E.