Thus far here...

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Mar 29, 2018

I have read a lot.   Have learned, grown, made a couple great friends, to help ease going thru, stopping cigs.
   The knowledge and support are in abundance, here.

   I see a lot of new people and some that have been here longer. 

   Long time quitters,  explaining what to expect; Labels"  for certain months, or weeks, or days,  of quitting  Not, everyone will feel, or go thru what some of the stages "Could be"!! 
   I believe it is put here to Help,  those "Who May Feel" similar struggles, to go thru the process" of stopping cigarettes.    
  It is hard for many of us to stop smoking. !  Not necessarily will Everyone,    feel these things. 
   So my point is do your best not to obsess! 
  You can gain so much,  knowledge, opinions, experiences of others very  quickly or all at once.  
     STOP!!            Take a Break!!
   Allow, your brain to digest, and to put it in perspective.   
      Then come back.   Chat, blog, discuss, post what have you. -
  If you feel a need to SOS!  Do that promptly, always!

   I see quite a bit of obsessing here, for some.. Get off the site for a bit. 
Get out of your brain"  do other things.  

An honest opine, Newbie.

   Who is not obsessing, and not feeling as bad, at being a non-smoker.  I live my days outside of here.   My brain would probably not  shut off, staying here frequently.