Another Beautiful Reminder To Be (DOF)

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Mar 17, 2018

Yes i'm still smoke free.
A bit easier for me on weekends hubby home, I didn't smoke much on weekends he hates smoke.

Anyway, cute litte celebration and yummy fried homemade chicken.  I don't eat much fried foods. So always good to eat occasionally. 

I have 2 "great grand babies"  extended fam.   I love them as much as I love my only blood grandaughter.  Anyway another "great grand"  is in the making .   The CELEBRATION" was for granddaughter's  hubby to cut the cake, so he could know his wife's. secret;  the  gender of new baby coming in August.  

I knew it!  when I seen the tinkle in her eye. 
She holding her 1 yr. old still nursing and,  terribly sick with the one coming.  She's fantastic, loving ,warm, nurturing  momma!!
Anyway Steven cuts into cake...

That is why I need to stay a NOPE!  To help Ali girl with these 1 here, 1 pending, beauties.  Not to mention My other great grand baby 1 yr old  ( Charlee) Charleigh Grace.  !!  They were born about 3 weeks apart.


Charliegh & Frankie Dean, staring out the window yesterday, moment in time.