Have My Keys Today.

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Mar 16, 2018

Some of you may know, Hubby hides key from me and for me.  (I ask him to!! )  To aid in my support  to not to go across street to get "sick sticks"


So today I have keys and am FREE" to go where ever.  I am A Free jail bird" 


I love Dean for his support.  It helps me a lot.
  Especially these early days of not smoking.  Some moments are pure Hell! 


So Im off to the big Super Store" of where I live.  I have to really stay focused on not allowing the addiction to try and find logic in my mind.  It IS NOT logical to smoke period!  Yes, I'm always trying to find humor in what can be terribly difficult being a junkie!  That is a big reality for me. 


Anyway off  to  buy groceries and such... Hugs.


Prayers pls.  

Thank you