Want To Smoke!

Blog Post created by anaussiemom on Feb 23, 2018

Om Lord!   I have become obese over the last 2 yrs., and I wheeze!!;

Have a store across street I drive to to get sick sticks. 
Anyway, when I stopped smoking told hubby to hide my keys.
He has done his" job To" well! 
This damn store is only" across the street!! I cant walk it cuz I can't breathe.
I was so desperate for sick  sticks,  last night.   I got dressed, and was going to walk; 7 degree windchill.   Got to door and laughed and laughed, cuz I was wheezing, wouldn't have made it to the freaking store across the street...

Some days I am so full of denial it's absurd.  I don't want sick sticks, they stink, don't taste good, don't relax me, they are gross.
But still have horrible urges. 

Why does hubby Dean listen" to me only when, I don't want him to? !!  ;(

Good morning,  inhaling a straw while I drink the best dang coffee ever.

BTW My wheezing is slowly going away. 
Now to make a  exercise, part of my  daily" routine....
Still a bit to cold to walk Lui dog.  To much snow, to mow grass, (love mowing grass).  Crocheting is pissing me off at moment. Mounds of housework, boring!
I do have to do it though.  OK, have to tend to animal care....

6months ago.  Black Channie dog deceased :.(  He seems to be on my mind a lot these last couple days.

Happy Day
Many Blessings