Day 2-Self-Talk

Blog Post created by amiray39 on Mar 15, 2019

It seems I need to talk to myself a lot today. I don't know why but the cravings aren't as strong as they were yesterday but I still feel desperate to just go get one. There just seems to be more of them than yesterday. I think I am over eating... I'm pretty sure I am over eating. I do have sugar free candy and need to make myself drink water.


I am still telling myself N.OP.E. and trying to retrain my brain. Everytime a craving comes, I have been saying to myself:


"I may want a cigarette but I don't need one. I may want a cigarette but I will not get one. I may want a cigarette but a cigarette will hurt my body."


I can't remember where I read to do that but I know it's here on Ex. Just trying to accept the cravings, acknowledge them and then move on.


Like my banner? I know it looks like a 5 year old did it but it gave me something to do!


One last thing before I stop rambling on here:

I don't think there was really a need for me to cry over my pants not making it in the laundry last night. My poor husband!