Recognizing and Preparing

Blog Post created by amiray39 on Mar 7, 2019

I suppose I recognized the deep tug to quit smoking before I found this place as I have attempted to quit multiple times. I haven't quit yet. March 14th is the day I release myself from nicotine slavery.


My new awareness comes from recognizing nicotine addiction being the same as drug addiction. Truly mind blowing. I have a problem.


I am also beginning to recognize my excuses for smoking are not caused by anything other than smoking. It's not stress, it's not my husband, it's not my kids, my job or anything else I could possibly come up with. It's nicotine!


I have taken the advice here. I have been educating myself and preparing for my freedom. I have allowed myself to stop in the moments I think I want a cigarette and to become aware of what is going on around me and how I feel before I light up.


I know I need to know this before my quit day. I know I need to have a plan for the anxiety, for the boredom and hunger. These are what nicotine uses to capture my attention and I am going to be ready.


Anxiety - I can breathe through it.

Boredom - I can clean or play a game with kids.

Hunger - I can make sure I have healthy snacks.


The hunger, I know I will have to be careful here. It does worry me but it's a chance for me to improve my health even more. I am a diabetic. I'm supposed to eat and eat the right foods. 


My journey starts here. Recognizing and preparing.