Day 82!

Blog Post created by alysonoholic on Dec 5, 2018

As I approached my dentist's office for a three hour procedure this morning, it occurred to me that not so long ago I would have been sucking down one last cigarette so I could be "comfortable" for the whole appointment. What a sham this addiction is!


I definitely find the smoking thoughts few and far between now and I'm staying sober too so quite frankly I feel AWESOME. My depression has lifted and I'm less stressed at work because i'm not annoyed that I can't go out for a break when I want to. I have all this free time to do my things and I am relishing how clean my home is and how healthy I am feeling. I will say that my sugar cravings are still through the roof and I've been giving into them a bit lately so I haven't lost any weight but I haven't gained any either!


I started a 30 day yoga challenge and lemme tell you - I have probably failed to complete a 30 day challenge as many times as I failed smoberiety, but I am having no problem staying on track when I'm not distracted with smoking and drinking.


I got my temporary bridge today and I am sooo excited - in 2 weeks I get my fancy permanent. It's such a great difference and I'm looking forward to giving people a big smile.


I'm going to keep swinging through and lurking and keeping myself on track and I'll update when I can but I wanted to let people know that it does get better and it can be the greatest thing you ever do. My whole life has changed in wonderful ways and I look forward to keeping this quit forever.


Oh! I found this adorable "needlepoint" a few months ago and I keep forgetting to share it with y'all - it's a fun way to remind myself to stay on this journey.