Ughhhh, NML

Blog Post created by alysonoholic on Nov 13, 2018

Boy, I was scootin' right along until night 49 and had that beer - since then the cravings seem to be more frequent than ever; I've definitely had to talk myself out of stopping by the smoke shop at least once in the past 10 days. 


But here I am, hours away from 60 DOF and hanging on with all my strength because I KNOW how good I've felt and all that extra money has been awesome and this is just making me more resilient, right?


I have an appointment tomorrow to get wax molds of my teeth/mouth and do a full consult on a permanent bridge, so I'm trying to stay calm and be happy that I'm moving on to the next step and I have options but I am wondering what this is ultimately going to cost. Even though my Mom is paying for it and had budgeted for 4 implants, there are limits to her generosity.


Anyway, I'm here again just trying to stay focused and enjoy being smoke free.