A bit of a punch in the gut.

Blog Post created by alysonoholic on Oct 23, 2018

Well, I saw the oral surgeon for a consult today and he let me know that I don't even have enough bone to graft to for implants for those front four teeth. It's quite the kink in my plans and I am actually really upset about how the referring dentist handled the whole thing from the beginning. The surgeon has referred me to yet another doctor because he wasn't very pleased, either. 


I sent a message to my longtime friend who is a dentist in New York; he has been pep talking me through this and has offered to be my second opinion going forward.


It's such a bummer all around and I am at least hoping that a bridge is possible because my denture is so uncomfortable and having to take my teeth out at night puts a major damper on my dating. 


Anyway, I'm not gonna smoke about it.


I've mostly been feeling pretty great these days with an occasional craving but they pass fairly quickly now. I've got another errand to run before I grab dinner but I'll come back tonight to try to catch up. Miss y'all.


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