Catching up as I approach day 13

Blog Post created by alysonoholic on Sep 27, 2018

At 9pm-ish PST I will hit 13 DOF and I'm feeling pretty good about it, so far. 


Tomorrow will be two weeks! I have been so motivated to get my "stuff" together in the different levels of my life and I AM being a more responsible adult, in general. Now I'm using my time and money in ways that are going to benefit me so much in the long run instead of frittering them away to an addiction. My free time isn't being used to sit around and slowly kill myself with cigarettes and drinking.


I'm sure it's mostly because of the welbutrin, but the cravings haven't been nearly as bad as they were the past two times that I quit and I'm not having crazy mood issues... I'm feeling very blessed. At peace, even. The changes I've made to my daily routines are giving me more time to do things that enrich my life and the payoff is a surge of positivity and possibilities.


I do think I'm eating more but I am trying to make sure that at least half of my snacks are healthy-ish. My sense of smell and taste is slowly returning and that makes everything that much more tempting!


Anyway, I'm here everyday, reading or popping into a thread when I have an extra moment. You all are wonderfully helpful and I appreciate it so much that you all share your experiences here - thank you.