Night owl checking in with 7 DOF

Blog Post created by alysonoholic on Sep 22, 2018

I am so very glad it's Friday, y'all. I 100% feel like I have a cold; I'm pretty well exhausted and completely congested with a sore/scratchy throat, plus my brain is totally muddled. I've got medicine for night or day, tissues, nasal spray, chicken noodle soup, kombucha, watermelon juice and I'm pretty sure I can make it through the weekend without having to leave my home, thank goodness. 


That being said, despite finding myself quietly muttering "ugh, I'm dyiiiiing" under my breath throughout the day, I'm not actually miserable...I know this is all part of the journey on the right path. I had the occasion to read some of my oldoldold posts today and I truly felt like a complete idiot for having backtracked so far on that road I have been on too many times before. I'm laying on the couch with my gentleman cat, Bread, watching Divorce Court (don't ask me why, I've never been married and I've been single for two and a half years so it clearly makes no sense,) I'm chugging water and I'll probably be in bed reading before the clock hits 10pm BUT I've officially made it one week without a cigarette (again!)