Where my Night Owls at?

Blog Post created by alysonoholic on Sep 20, 2018

Over here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest I'm just now getting done with running errands for the night; finally the brassiere can come off and the slippers and sweatpants go on (fellas, you may not understand the utter bliss of that glorious moment, but lemme tell you - it's reallll good.) Still a few more hours until I'll grab my book and head to bed so I wanted to get some reading and catching up done at EX. I don't tend to have much time during the day for a blog post but I am trying to squeeze in comments and keep up with the goings on.


I'm experiencing slight headaches over the past few days and I have that coming-down-with-a-cold feeling that makes me think that I am starting to see the physical withdrawal symptoms. Ugh, my cough is so...juicy.


These types of things really bring home the fact that I am and have been an addict, period.


I've been taking vitamins every morning, drinking a lot of water and in general just focusing on keeping my body as healthy as possible. Oddly enough, I think getting in the habit of abstaining from booze and starting with intermittent fasting in the past month  really helped get me in the mindset to quit smoking! One of these days I'll actually check out the gym in the community center of my complex...


Anyway, I'm grateful to be here and for all of the support from Elders and examples/inspiration from all of those who are ahead of me on the path of this journey. I'm thirty minutes away from day 6 and I appreciate every single one of you.


P.S. the chat room on the QuitNow app is a complete dumpster fire compared to this place. 


P.P.S. I apologize in advance, I work in a recreational marijuana store with a lot of younger people and use a lot of slang/current idioms so if you're ever confused just lemme know and I'll happily get you hip