I wrote to the admin to ask how someone can delete their account? And they wrote me back saying....

Blog Post created by ali2 on Jun 28, 2010

That they would delete me in the next 5 days! WOW! So I guess that there is a REAL problem with the communication because I did not say to DELETE ME! I simply wanted to know how do we delete our accounts BECAUSE a friend of mine wants to delete their account and cannot. There really is NO way to delete your account on your own and that is crazy! I thought it had to be her, LOL but there is NO place on here that lets you leave the site so I wrote to admin ONLY to ask a question.


BUT I am ggoing to be deleted now so I wanted to take this time to say thank you ande good luck to everyone. This is unbeleivable to me but I guess you cannot ask a real question?  This makes me really sad since I care about a lot of people here. I am doing well so do not worry about me.


Here was the response I got after sending the admin a question about how does someone delete their account?


 We’ve received your request to unsubscribe from our list. Please allow five business days for us to process your request. Thank you for interest in the EX® program. We wish you all the best.


The EX Team




So I guess that is that then.  Be careful what you ask and I wish you all the best. This does hurt and suck but I will be ok. I am on FB if any of you are.