Smoker's Flu

Blog Post created by ahnan on Oct 20, 2020

I had awful few days last week.  I am still smoke free and  it has been 17 days.  I didn't have craving for cigarette.  However, I had symptoms similar to flu.  Sore throat as if I have been coughing though out the night.  body aches,stomach muscles tight and hurt that made me hard to get enough sleep.


I googled and it was one of things could happen when people quit smoking.  Unless I have fever to accompany these symptoms, I should not worry too much and it would clear up on soon.  I didn't expect this.  When I quit, I thought I would craving for smoke and that is what need to worry about.  Not all these phantom illness and fatigue or insomniac. 


Nonetheless, I am going to keep this journey to the end.