Clean bill of health and positive thinking

Blog Post created by aheavyburdenlifted on Sep 17, 2020

10 days cigarette free and smoke-free!  Yay me!

Saw my doctor today about the lumps in my neck, Got the test results back from my ultrasound scan,


He looked at me today like I am some sort of an anomaly like Keith Richards lol , he's aware of my past, I haven't always been a "Lily-white". From drinking too much for 5 years to smoking for over 35 years, being creative with some illegal drugs, to smoking weed, dropping LSD  and eating magic mushrooms, fighting depression you name it,  I had done it. my Doctor can't believe the great health I am in, and honestly, I am thankful and grateful for my resilient genes lol

He told me it seems my lymph nodes are of normal size according to the radiologist's report, He said to keep an eye on it and if it starts to get bigger, then, of course, come back. I had lost 35 lbs over the past year he thinks that perhaps maybe I can feel them more so now due to that, I dunno. I am glad to know It's nothing bad, like cancer. Glad that is off my shoulders.


Husband got a job promotion, We're in the process of moving to another state,  been preoccupied with packing and getting a moving pod to move our belongings, Realtor found us a terrific house to move into,  everything is running smoothly for us for a change, The power of positive thinking, I don't allow my husband to play the " what if" scenarios, anymore, I said " do not speak the negative into existence" of course we have back up plans, however, it's always best to stay positive on the first plan and force that into effect. and it worked,  much like his promotion,  and his ****** former Narcissist boss that holds people back from excelling, I urged him to apply for a higher position and he did and he got it.


and likewise, for the house instead of an apartment, I kept thinking house and it finally manifested into something real.


it also works believing that you're a non-smoker too, Even while you're still smoking, soon you just lose the desire to smoke as y our brain begins to actually believe you're a non-smoker,  the brain is a wonderful tool and it can heal and rewire itself, I truly believe that it's only when we begin to doubt ourselves that things seem to fall apart. And the Matrix we live in gets glitched and things go awry. lol

I just wanted to share my good news, that I am healthy as a horse perhaps healthier.

To you out there, Keep on keepin' on.


Thanks for listening, I wish you all well.