Keep on walking towards freedom

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Sep 26, 2018

Hello everyone I hope this post finds you all well and keeping on track towards freedom from cigarettes. I am well over 630 days now and finding that I have developed a new super smell is back like never before my word i can smell the stench of a cigarette a mile away! The one pet peeve I have lately is the inconsiderate smokers who don't seem to care that you have quit and light up when you are in the car together or when I'm in the band room. I HATE the smell of my clothes after a practice YUK!!!! Does anyone else have the same problem of dealing with these inconsiderate smokers? 


I have recovered nicely from the flu and this is 100% down to quitting smoking, I had a cough but nowhere near as bad as if I had been smoking. I can never see myself going back to that filthy habit 


Always keep going forward you are giving your self a massive gift everyday that you abstain from smoking, celebrate this when I mention to my smoking friends I can see the envy in their eyes they too can share my gift but they are too tangled up in the lie that smoking won't harm them or that they won't get sick from it. I just really hope my wife would quit but I can't force her you have to want to quit nd once that decision is made you have just given yourself the power to do it. 


Keep walking forward, enjoy your quit even when it gets hard because you are healing all the time. 


God Bless