Don't ever give up

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Nov 17, 2017

Hello everyone. Well myself and my family have had a trying couple of weeks with my wife having a breast cancer scare. Thank God after all the tests and scans it came out that she was clear and healthy. Then it was my turn with 3 migraine attacks in 2 days due to the stress and worry for my wife. I am still groggy from the pain meds but i am on the mend. 


In this little challenging week there lies a little gem of a saying that I enjoy using of "Don't give up" I use this when I'm feeling down or going through a tough time don't ever give up! Apply this to your quit as per my last blog we often use a cigarette as an excuse to feel better. I could have let this situation with my wife really get to me and have a puff but nope i'm not that weak anymore I have been through this past year without needing them so why the heck now. 


i love reading your blogs and get encouragement from them not only in not smoking but also through life in general. Seeing that each one of us has a unique quit but also at the same time very similar things we experience while beating this demon nicotine. 


Have a splendid weekend be strong in your quit don't give up it will get better and easier just keep pushing on. 


God Bless