Look how far you have come

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Jul 25, 2017

When I started the journey to quitting cigarettes I knew it was hard on the 3rd attempt I have finally made it I am over 200 days and feeling great. The cravings have gone (very occasionally I will get a memory more than a craving). Here is a small warning for new quitters the cravings will be there and I believe always will launch a sneak attack when you least expect it but enjoy healing, enjoy your freedom from that ball and chain it feels awesome. Day by day I wake up and I'm a step further away from the old smoker self. I love not stinking like an ashtray, I still get days when I am slightly out of breath but I have recovered from a lung infection and I am able to chase my daughter round the yard and not wheeze puff and pant anymore it feels great. I must however put out a small caution that I may make my journey look or sound me it wasn't there were many close calls and days of anger frustration and self loathing then good patches then BAM here is a craving of monstrous proportions it took and still takes alot of will power to keep quit but the good days far outweigh the craves now. I LOVE not smoking anymore.


Conquer your Goliath it can be done if you are stubborn and keep you eye on the prize. Think of your will to quit as the stone then each day you stay quit as the sling growing stronger you will soon see and feel what it is like to slay that Goliath (cigarettes). Keep strong keep your eye on that prise health, enjoying getting fit again, enjoy life. 


God bless