Recovery and challenges

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Jul 6, 2017

Good day everyone. it has been a while since i have posted a blog. I am now over 6 months cigarette free and feel so proud of myself for doing so. Unfortunately I have been very ill with a lower respiratory infection and flu on top of it! Went to the doctor and he said that if I had not quit 6 month ago i would have been very very ill so yet another HUGE reason I am so thankful for quitting. The good news is the meds are working well and I am feeling alot better and will make a full recovery. 


The challenges that I face in my time span of my quit is still those little pangs of suggestion by the dying smokers brain the sneaky moments of the crave but happily the will power to stay quit is now stronger than the urge to smoke. Why would you think that you would want to go back to something so toxic and deadly ? the mind can only baffle at the reason but sadly so many people do start smoking again this is so sad. 


Anyway keep going everyone especially the early stage quitter it gets better you will have great days then awfully bad ones where the urge to smoke will be very powerful, just remember you are your own boss you own your body and not that cancer stick, think of how great you feel not stinking like an ashtray or wheezing up stairs. 


Have a fantastic day everyone