Its been a while

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Jun 1, 2017

As I am going to now head into 5 months cigarette free I have been fortunate to only having a craving for a cigarette last week that lasted a few seconds i was able to saw grief thats been a while since one of those hit LOL. Again my advise to new quitters or NML attendees is embrace those cravings because it means your old smokers brain is fading away and it knows you dont want to smoke so it will taunt you with a sneak craving. If you get irritable its ok because its all part of the healing process take a breath calm down and say to yourself or ask yourself why am I so ratty I'm doing this thin I'm doing this for myself take ownership of your health and say to the old smokers brain SHHHH be quiet this is a new me and I like my new me. 


Keep pushing forward baby steps but you can do this thing