TDC Club

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Apr 20, 2017

For me it is a strange time entering the tripple digit club TDC, It feel like yesterday I started my quit but also it feels like I have never smoked then.......BANG craving demon shows up! Last night I was casually building my Titanic model and was hit out of the blue by a massive craving for a cigarette one of those craves where you say oh what the hell i'm gonna start again i'm ok now my lungs have healed I will be ok! Heck no you won't I was angry at myself for craving but as I have said in my other blogs I acknowledged the crave took control of it and stomped it out fast. I will never smoke a cigarette again. The old smoker brain is trying to whisper to me that hey its ok to slip up your EX community will understand just have 1 admit you slipped up and it will be ok. These are the dangerous craves so a lesson to all newbies at quitting beware of this crave that comes out of the blue i reckon now is the time when its easiest to slip up or start again because you are in a false sense of security about the length of time you are quit and are starting to feel untouchable guess what you are not you are most at risk. Keep your mind ready for that crave keep pushing forward once day at a time. Not one puff ever again !! 


Have a fantastic day everyone