Past 80 days

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Mar 24, 2017

Yesterday I got my 80 days clean of cigarettes. The lungs are definately healing up as I am coughing up some gunk but the cough is going away. I was sitting by myself the other day coming just past the 70 days and I tried to vision myself with a cigarette and I couldn't I have got to a point where i feel I have left the smoker Alan behind and now I am becoming or have become a new Alan someone I am truly proud of. I still am aware of sneak cravings and being tempted but my resolve to not smoke and spoil my quit is really strong. Every day I don't smoke is a step further in my healing process. This weekend we are planning a family outing to the zoo my little one is going to love it and the best part is I'm going to be able to walk the entire zoo not panting and wanting to stop to rest. The wife is just going to have to keep up with us LOL. 


Have a fantastic weekend everyone keep smoke free and enjoy your quit.