Setting new goals

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Mar 17, 2017

74 days cigarette free my mind is really in a good space. I am still fighting the after effects of the flu but mentally I am really enjoying being free from the curse of cigarettes and the benefits in my mind of clarity for my journey further into no mans land. My lungs are clearing I dont stink like smoke anymore I am smelling things that I havent smelt in years. Food tastes so good my mom siad to me last week that I am looking really good, healthy and happy  My daughters teacher even asked what have I done because I look 10 years younger ! Awesome. Freeing your self from smoking is a hard journey but so rewarding once you get past the initial +- 2 weeks those weeks for me were filled with self doubt worries that I would relapse what if I dont want to quit type of silly questions your nicotine fueled brain will throw at you. I had a sneak craving attack yesterday evening but all i did was recognise the craving acknowledge it say hell no I am not going to smoke and went out into the garden and painted with my little girl. 


Here is a helping hint for new quitters: When you get a craving embrace it acknowledge that you are craving then celebrate it by knowing that because you are craving you are healing your brain and body from not smoking. The crave is a sign that you are doing a good quit. What I did was to take deep breaths, have a glass of water or go for a walk in the garden look at the flowers and plants etc, anything to take my mind off the crave. Enjoy getting free from the bondage of cigarettes and congratulations to everyone of you that has either made the decision to stop, has just quit or is into NML or even years free. 


Onwards and upwards not one puff ever.