Breaking chains

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Feb 22, 2017

Sitting on day 51 I am really enjoying something special called freedom. Freedom from the addiction to smoking and also freedom from a corporate entity that sells you a false sense of coolness and addiction called nicotine and cigarettes. 


When I decided that enough was enough I had already started the process of kicking smoking out of my thoughts of being a thing that I needed to just have that 5 minutes of peace or after a meal have a smoke.... why? To stop smoking I found that i had to want it firstly and also realise how to break the habit of lighting up. The key for me was to stop that very first cigarette in the morning also I started actually smelling the ashtray up close I thought man alive if thats what I smell like imagine what my daughter ( 5 years old) must think how I smell when I hug her.... YUK!!!!! 


Breaking chains is the title to this blog as everyday you stay quit you are breaking the chains of addiction and the hold of the cigarette companies over you via not conforming to their lies that smoking is cool and its ok to just have that last one, its not ok and its not cool. When I got clean from drugs the hardest thing for me to do when I went to NA was to admit that I was an addict and say it out loud but once you are able to admit that you are you take back the power for yourself and realise that you and only you can do something to break the habit. The power was inside you all along you just needed to say enough I want my life back and take it one step at a time, daily hourly saying just for today I wont. This is the major problem with smoking and cigarettes is that it is legal to buy them legal to smoke them in designated areas etc. admittedly there is a certain stigma that comes with being a smoker but no where near the level or severity of say a cocaine addict think about that for a bit. By smoking you are a legal addict. 


Herein lies the problem with smoking and its "power" over you! Break the chains today and for the rest of your life not one puff ever again take back your life, take back your health and the ability to run, walk, play with your kids, climb stairs without wheezing and panting, coughing till you vomit in the mornings. Live a happy cigarette free life and enjoy it. Embrace those cravings where you want to climb the wall because it means your doing it your quitting, fight them don't let them beat you because everytime you beat a craving you are taking back your life. 


You have the power just keep pushing forward and upwards. God bless.