Approching 40 days

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Feb 9, 2017

This Saturday I will be 40 days clean and 10 days into NML. I wouldnt have thought it possible this time last year. Now that i have stopped smoking its amazing when I look around to see how many people actually still smoke its like non-smokers are a rare breed. I bet the tabaco companies love that. 


I still remember when I was a kid at the movies you could smoke and they actually had the adverts on before the film making smoking glamorous! 


I'm feeling really good i woke up the other morning enjoying being able to take a deep real breath and not coughing feels good. 


I have band practice tonight looking forward to that, stopping smoking has really benefited my vocal range and also strength of voice. I can reach the high notes again that I haven't hit without serious strain in months WOOHOO! 


Have a fantastic smoke free evening or day everyone