Clarity for the community

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Feb 7, 2017

Ok clarity on why there are cigarettes in easy access. My wife also smokes and does not want to quit. She supports my quit but she is at the stage of mind where we all were of saying to herself she enjoys smoking and does'nt want to quit. 


This last Saturday was a good test of how committed i am to quitting, I never want to smoke again ever and its amazing how sneaky the crave and your mind can be the little voice saying " go on just have one it wont hurt, look your on 36 days". " have just one then the crave will go away for good" ...... YEAH RIGHT !!!!! 


Anyway i have that one challenge to deal with at home with the wife smoking but one day at a time I'm doing this for me! Selfish yes so what its my health my body and my quit.