Welcome to no mans land

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Feb 1, 2017

Well here i am 1 month, 30 days smoke free, I am now at my previous record of quitting I achieved this about 3 years ago but today I know i'm going to be quit forever. I woke up coughing this morning lungs are getting better I am now able to run after my daughter without wheezing like a steam train. I do notice at gym how unfit I have gotten but its getting better and better I am now able to row 500m in 2 min who would of thought this 2 years ago. 


The biggest thing about quitting that scared me was the self doubt the question of "ok so when I quit what am I going to do?" simple answer to that dumb question in my head was start living again, start enjoying being able to breath  easier, see the delight in my daughters eyes when dad chases her round the garden. My friends said to me last  they are proud of me and that they want to desperately quit, my collegue at work said I am a better man than him to be able to quit. Its amazing how strong a hold cigarettes have on people and you dont realise this until you quit and get back to a healthy lifestyle. 


As I have read I must now be careful of those sneak craving attacks out of the blue, especially on the weekends or relaxing with friends. But here we go I proudly step into NML. Watch this quit cigarettes you no longer have power over me and no longer will you control me.