28 days strong

Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Jan 30, 2017

2 days away from 30 days cigarette free, I cant believe it though it seems very surreal. When I started this journey I said to myself if I beat drugs before I can kick this and here I am 3 years clean from the drugs and 2 days away from hitting 1 month cigarette free, it feels so good.


This weekend was tough I came close and almost gave into the little voice in my head saying go on just have 1 smoke its ok your 30 days soon your body wont notice it but I stuck to my guns and got past the craving. I just said to myself that yeah sure have 1 and then watch you will be smoking again and all the hard work, preparation and joining the gym would have been a waste plus and this is the kicker I would have lied to my daughter plus all my friends would be looking at me and I know they secretly also want to stop smoking would say to themselves yup told you he would start again. Well here is the news I aint never going to smoke again, for my sake and my family I am claiming my health back and every day it gets easier. 


Take it one day at a time know your habits and triggers and you can beat this.