50 days

Blog Post created by aboyd63 on Sep 25, 2019

I  did it I'm  still a newbie and a quitter of cigarettes.  Boy yesterday  was a little rough patch, had a craving that lasted almost 45 minutes  I waited for 10 minutes while I was reading blog's  on here and then told my husband what I was feeling  and he said he was feeling the same but his suggestion was 2 mentos candy one in each cheek and suck on till dissolved  .So I started that and praying and then reading more blogs. And believe it or not I got through it and craving was gone.  I must admit it's great to have 50 days smoke free  I thank God, my husband and all of you  (the Ex's)  for guidance  you've  given me . The suggestions and helpfulness and kindness and support,you all have given me. Especially from my husband ,he has been my rock.  Thank you honey To everyone else  keep helping me please your help is wanted.