365 days

Blog Post created by abcsara on Aug 8, 2018

I'm not much of a blogger, and I don't share much in this group; but because I have gotten so much FROM this group, I thought I would share on my one-year anniversary.  It's crazy to think about it, one full year since I have had a cigarette.  Some days it feels like a lifetime ago, some days it feels like yesterday.  Even after a year, there are still days I have to fight that demon.  I can say with confidence, that I am now 100% on board with the notion that I can never, ever have "just one."  I know that will lead my back down the path to a pack a day, and I do not want to go back there.  One thing I can highly recommend to anyone just quitting or contemplating quitting it Allen Carr's book:  "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking."  I'm not going to lie and say this book made it painless or easy to quit, BUT it did give me lots of insight and ways to reframe my thinking to make things easier and less painful.  The biggest thing I took away from that book (and it's been a year or so since I read it!) is to get over the notion that I was "giving up" anything by quitting smoking.  I wasn't "giving up" anything, but rather "taking back"  control of my health, my time, my money.  I was GAINING so much, not giving up a darn thing.  I hope anyone who is struggling will keep up the fight, it is so worth it, even though it may not seem like it right now.  And, yes, the rough days will pass, it will get easier, there will come a time when it does not consume your every waking thought.  There will be a time when you walk past someone smoking and think about how much it stinks rather than wishing you could have one!  Reach out to your support system, following your quit plan, use the distractions you will get there!  And, I don't know how much help I can be to anyone, but please feel free to reach out to me, I'd be happy to try to offer support and encouragement.'s been a year, I'm pretty proud of myself!  Thanks for reading!