So Now What?

Blog Post created by abbynormal42 on Jan 3, 2020
I reached a year quit. So now what happens?
Now begins the real loosening of the chains.
I've faced all of my seasonal triggers now. And I've faced them without smoking. Now I know, when I face them again over the course of the next year, that they have no real power over me. And with each one that I face, I will grow stronger.
I have grown accustomed to a life without smoking. Not smoking has become a habit. And with each moment that passes, that habit grows stronger. And I grow stronger.
I am reaping the health benefits of quitting smoking. My sinuses are healing. My lungs work better. My heart is pumping more efficiently. My sense of smell and taste are both heightened. My brain chemistry is leveling out, and I no longer need nicotine in order to feel pleasure. My body is growing stronger. I am growing stronger.
My self-esteem has improved. I no longer deal with the guilt associated with smoking. I no longer have to hide my disgusting habit from the loved ones who would be so disappointed by my choices. I no longer endure the shame of the derogatory looks I got from non-smokers when I lit up in public places. I am budgeting my money wisely and not spending it on a habit that will slowly destroy my life. I am proud of all that I have accomplished. I am making better choices. I am growing stronger.
My social connections have improved. I no longer rush through family dinners in order to get outside for a fix. My visits with non-smoking loved ones no longer feel like torture. My family and friends are thrilled with my progress and offer their continued support and encouragement. My relationships are growing stronger. I am growing stronger.
So what happens after that first year? You continue to grow stronger. And the chains of addiction lose their grip on you.
I, for one, am excited for the year to come!