Equal Parts Will - Equal Parts Avoidance

Blog Post created by aaronallred4891 on Aug 10, 2020

You know that feeling you get when someone is smoking around you and they know that you've quit, but they still smoke around you, with no regard for what you're trying to achieve?  That's my mother.  She continues to smoke when she's around us, even though she knows we quit smoking.  Then asks us for a hug while she's smoking.  I told her no, cause she has a cigarette in her hand and she smells like a cigarette, and frankly, I don't want to go back to smelling like that anymore.  We used to talk on the balcony would I would be outside smoking and she would be downstairs.  We don't do that anymore, because I don't go outside to smoke anymore.  I think she's beginning to feel a little lost, because we don't come out there anymore, but I'm trying to improve myself and honestly she should quit smoking too.  I might just try and go talk to her about this.  I know she's probably feeling neglected, and I probably need to reach out.  Glad I have here to work through these things while writing.  I'm glad I have a place to express my feelings and concerns when it comes to smoking, and maybe this post can help someone in a similar situation.  Maybe I'll set some time to visit her in her apartment where she can't smoke, and we can have our conversation over tea instead.  I welcome any advice people have on other ways to handle these situations.  


Aaron 20 DOF