Day 7 - Final meeting with my quit 101 class

Blog Post created by aaronallred4891 on Jul 28, 2020

I finished my Quit 101 class today.  The instructor was great and has been very pleasant to work with and talk too.  Without this class I'd still be smoking.  They really encouraged me to quit. She also referred me over to this site which I am thrilled about being a part of this community.  Today was a bit of a rough day for me, but I still didn't smoke.  I did pop a few extra lozenges today, but I'm making it through.  I know that I have the support I need to move forward with this community and with my support at home. I look forward to staying quit and look forward to each new day I have without smoking.  I am kind of sad my classes are over with, even on a day like today where I've been kind of grumpy, being part of that class made my day a little better. 

Aaron 7 DOF