My husband may quit soon

Blog Post created by aaronallred4891 on Jul 27, 2020

Today my husband came in from smoking a cigarette.  We have never smoked in our apartment since it's against the building policy, and I don't like nicotine getting all over our things, easier to keep it clean.  Anyways, he came in from smoking, walked past me, and I was like "whew, that smells bad, glad I don't smell like that anymore".  He stopped for a minute and tried to make an excuse, but before he could I said to him "I guess it's time for you to stop smoking too."  He struggles with anxiety, and I know that sent him into a whirlwind of thoughts, but I think it might have planted the seed I needed to get him to quit too.  He's been super impressed that I just stopped smoking, and told me he's proud of me.  I keep putting little hints to him like "well you can be a success story too".  I'll wear him down eventually.  I think it's a great idea for him to stop smoking too.  He smokes a little more than I used to in a day, so I just have to get him to come over to the quit side.  I am worried that it might strain our relationship a little bit though.  Anyone been in this situation?  I'm sure there are plenty of people in this situation.   Have any of you been successful at getting your spouse to quit? 



Aaron 6 DOF