I have been absent.......but I just past day 100

Blog Post created by aaron.allred4891 on Oct 30, 2020

Good Morning,


As I am sitting in a virtual classroom, listening to our teacher read harbor me for our 5th grade students (I'm a paraprofessional), I decided to sign on here and see if I passed my 100 day mark, and yup, I did, Yesterday.  I can't believe it's been 100 days.  I don't really even think about smoking anymore, it's just something I don't do anymore.  It's possible for those of you who want to quit, it's definitely possible.  I smoked since I was 13, and here I am now, smoke free, 100 days smoke free!  This community helped me a lot, and although I haven't been here much lately, mainly because my time is mostly taken by being a dad, working, going to school (getting my degree), and being a husband, I do appreciate all of the support and love I have received from so many of you.  100 days. 100 days.  I can't believe I've made it 100 days.  I know that because I've made it this long, I can make it forever.  Those first weeks are the hardest but here I am, smoke free, adding to the many people here who decided to quit and succeeded.  Support was super important and I'm glad I have this community.  Thank you everyone who helped me get here.  If you're thinking about quitting smoking, make your plan, and follow through.  Don't let anything hold you back.  You can do it too.  


Okay back to work, I must pay attention now.  Take care everyone and I look forward staying part of this community for a very long time.




101 DOF