Worst night of sleep......EVER!

Blog Post created by aaron.allred4891 on Aug 17, 2020

So that previous blog I posted this morning about not being able to sleep, finally fell asleep about close to 5.  Nightmares the whole time I was asleep.  My eyes have bags under them, and I'm pretty much a walking zombie.  This day is going to be a challenge x 100.  Please pray for me, I haven't been this tired in years.  My 4th thought out of bed this morning was "go smoke a cigarette".  Glad I caught myself, because I would of been really disappointed that there aren't any outside to smoke.  Here's to making today day 27 smoke free.  I think I'll start a gofundme page to have a duplicate made of me so I can go back to bed.  And here is to wishful thinking!   Okay, this post was totally random and written half asleep, thank god for spell check.  Ramblings of a very very very sleepy person.  Y'all have a great day!


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