That nagging little troll on my shoulder

Blog Post created by aaron.allred4891 on Aug 15, 2020

That nagging little troll, the one that's saying feed me.

I hate that little bas***d, I wish I could just crush it.

Just a figment of my imagination, an influencer of the mind.

Smoke just one, just one is all I need.

No you demon spawn, I know your true face.

Get back, or I will hit you with a lozenge.

The troll says to me "The lozenge is weak"

The troll is right, but what about 2 lozenges?  Can you defeat that?

Now the troll is scared.  I know your weakness you demon spawn!

The troll runs away, waiting to nag again soon.  I'll be ready, with some meditation and some lozenges.

You won't manipulate me again, I'm too strong for you, you creepy little minx.